How Can You Increase Your Business Revenue With Live Video Chat?

How Can You Increase Your Business Revenue With Live Video Chat?

Live video chat is an easy-to-use tool for any business to increase user engagement, retention, and satisfaction.

Let’s move a century back to when Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone. During the time he invented the telephone, he imagined the miracles that were going to happen in the future with the help of technology.

No wonder he also predicted that in the future, people would see each other’s faces and speak from long distances. However, technology and the internet made it possible. Now, coming back to the early stages of the current century, video chat just started and created curiosity among people.

Everyone got attracted to it and started using it with desktop computers. Later, smartphones started to show up on the market at affordable prices, and everyone got access to make and receive video calls.

The technology and the internet together made a strong platform for live video chat. Now businesses and their common needs are discussed in live video chats. It saved them a huge amount of transportation costs and time. During COVID situations, live video chat opened even some new doors.

Businesses are completely remote, yet their productivity remains constant and streamlines with real-time communication tools.

Businesses started closing deals in terms of B2B and B2C as well. They saw that this new method of closing deals through live video calls, video conferencing, webinars, and more is cost-effective and highly result-oriented. Here, further in this blog, let’s dive deep into understanding the top 12 reasons to build a video chat app for your business.

Real-time Service

Live video chat facilitates real-time service by implementing WebRTC and Websockets. Businesses and customers can easily connect in real-time and in a more personalised way by using live video chat.

Communication between businesses and customers through a live video chat helps businesses solve customer queries in real-time.

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Significant Improvement In Customer Service

Live video chat for business is a great way to improve customer service. Connecting your customer service representative and customer via live video call helps your customers explain their queries clearly and get solutions in real-time.

By solving queries in real-time, customer service tends to be improved, and customers seem more satisfied with your business, which will result in increased user retention.

Faster Identification Of Issues And Quicker Resolution

Video chat features give you the advantage of faster identification of issues than explaining in a video call or typing in a long chat conversation. This is possible because in a video call, an issue can be shown or emotionally visible.

This helps your customer care representative understand queries faster and find solutions accordingly.

Better Relationships With Customers

Live video call with customers to hear their queries and provide solutions in real-time increases the relationship between business and customers. Customers tend to be more happy while using your products and express a higher satisfaction rate.

Moreover, video calls facilitate real-time visual experiences among humans that provide value to human emotions. So that people can easily connect, share, and resolve.

Greater-Scope For Cross-Selling And Up-Selling

Businesses are confused about how live video chat increases sales. But the results are the straight opposite of their confusion. Live video chat creates a visually appealing platform where your users and representatives are connected in a live face-to-face call.

It increases the value of human emotions, along with the trust and credibility of your business. And that makes your representatives pitch and close the deal.

Increased Profit And Sales

Live video chat easily reduces your expenses and time involved in sales closing. As with the live video chat facility, your business development associate has no need to travel long distances or spend money or time.

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They can easily pitch the value to the customers through a live video chat and win the deal. Instead of travelling long distances and meeting one customer per day, your representatives can connect with multiple customers from the comfort of their homes and close a lot of deals.

This strategy increases profit and sales for the company by reducing the time, money, and effort involved in the process.

Reduction Of Travel Expenses

No more travel expenses. In the old days, to close a deal, business representatives tended to travel thousands of kilometres in a week. For every km they travel, their expense increases by 5–10 times the distance they cross.

But now, live video chats make these processes simple. By being in the comfort of your home, you can connect with any customer across the world. This method reduces time, money, and effort.

Better Collaboration Among Employees

Live video chat promotes better collaboration among employees by connecting them with emotional value. Even employees who work in different branches of the same organisation connect with their fellow colleagues through video calls while solving bugs or resolving queries.

This can boost collaboration among employees, vendors, and even customers. So live video calls have been a better solution for both businesses and customers for collaboration.

Increased Credibility

This is better understood in the telecom industry. Imagine the moment that you connect with the customer care representative of your network provider. An automated irritation follows us from the start of the call; this happens due to long waiting times, diversions, and more.

But connecting your customer care representative and your customer in a live video chat increases the value of human emotions and the credibility of your business. This process will result in increased customer satisfaction.

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Safe, Secure, And Reliable

One of the primary reasons to choose live video chat is that it’s completely safe, secure, and reliable. With the support of encryption technologies and high-speed internet connections, anyone around the world can easily connect with anyone safely and securely.

Greater Top-Of-The-Mind Recall By Customers

Video-based interactions are proven to be much more memorable than voice-call interactions. As people see each other face-to-face during interaction, that makes both representatives and customers remember each other.

Any sales pitch made through live video chat rather than voice chat has a higher priority chance of getting a call back when the customer is in need of your product or service.

Opportunity To Entice High-Value Customers

Innovative and advanced support is something that high-value customers always look for. When you start providing live video chat support for your customers, your business will enter the market of claiming high-value customers.

High-value customers can be an extraordinary benefit for any business. By providing video chat support, your business can make them feel special and gain their long-term support.


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